Sample status

You can keep track of the progression of the analysis of a sample with the Sample status. The Sample status is indicated on the Samples overview page and can be changed by using the drop-down menu next to the Reanalysis button on the Analysis screen. The Sample status can be changed at any moment depending on how the analysis proceeds:

  • Imported: This is the status of every newly imported sample, when no patient info is available yet.
  • Ready for analysis: This status is indicated after entering all necessary input data for analysis.
  • Queued for analysis/Analysing: This indicated the sample is currently being analysed.
  • Completed: The results are now ready for manual review.
  • Closed: When the analysis of a sample is completed, the sample can be closed. Depending on the result of the analysis, a sample can be closed as being solved, negative or VUS.

The different tabs on top of the Samples overview screen allow you to only view a selection of samples based on the closed status.

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